A Permanent Solution to Internet and Gaming Addiction

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The truth about Internet and Gaming Addiction...

Adolescence and young adulthood are challenging phases in life. Those who are ill-equipped to deal with obstacles turn to compulsive Internet use or gaming in order to "escape" from a harsh reality.

Excessive gaming, social media use, web surfing, and pornography have been "normalized" over the last 2 decades.

What appears to be "ordinary" behavior today is actually aberrant by historical standards. Playing video games or chatting on social media for 7+ hours a day is extremely detrimental to physical health and may lead to serious psychological (mental) instability.

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Radical Methods

Radical comes from the Latin term “radix,” or “pertaining to the roots.” Our methods address the root causes of Internet and gaming addiction:

  • A lack of positive values
  • Unmet psychological needs
  • A deficiency of meaningful social connections
  • A paucity of life skills.

A Holistic Philosophy

Internet and gaming addiction is almost always the result of several problems acting in tandem. Common factors include family conflict, inability to socialize effectively, lack of freedom, and loss of motivation or purpose. We deliver powerful results by carefully resolving all underlying issues.


5 Undeniable Advantages

  • It’s efficient. Group counseling therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and “technology rehabilitation” can be very time consuming when you add in the time required to travel from and to each meeting. Our sessions are done over phone.
  • It’s natural. A “lab environment” at a tech rehab center or “nature retreat” DOES NOT replicate circumstances that demand the skills or abilities you need to thrive in real life. The solution is reintegration, not separation!
  • It’s adaptive. Our mission is to help everyone use their assets and unique traits to their full potential. Participants will learn how to regulate their own behavior and accept new habits at a comfortable pace. 
  • It’s comprehensive. We address several problematic areas (such as lack of validation in real life, lack of meaningful relationships, etc.) in tandem.
  • It’s lifelong. The life skills and values we teach participants will remain useful long after they complete the program; this can’t be said for most courses and education-based services today.

The Five Components

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Our sessions focus on 5 key areas to help participants combat and overcome Internet and gaming addiction. 

Values and Mindset

It is near impossible to change one's behavior without changing the source of that behavior. We encourage participants to uncover values that align with their goals in life, which in turn shifts their mindset and behavior toward a positive direction.

Personality and Needs

Different personalities, such as introverts, require different psychological needs in order to excel. We help identify strengths based on personality that enable the participant to make the best of his or her skill set and achieve competence.

Socialization and Communication

Having one or more reliable social groups to turn to in times of stress is the most powerful deterrent against future episodes of addiction. Proof? "Addiction support groups" is the #1 de facto solution prescribed by "mental health professionals." Unlike traditional methods, we encourage participants to seek out their own groups.

Planning and Action

Success can only be realized on the basis of repeated action. Repeated action can only be ingrained by practicing them on a daily or near-daily basis - a point we never fail to emphasize. Little steps lead to colossal changes over time.

Life Skills

Our final focus is on every participant's long-term welfare, including but not limited to relationships, personal finance, career and employment, and dealing with failure. This preempts the possibility of addiction relapse.

A bright future awaits...


To learn more, please go to our “About” and “Services and Pricing” pages. We invite you to read our blog for more insights on Internet and gaming addiction. 

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