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Cases of Internet addiction (addiction to social media, online shopping, pornography, and web surfing) and video gaming addiction have skyrocketed over the past 20 years. Some experts even consider it a “silent crisis” since a countless number of cases remain undetected. 

Parents today often rely upon outdated and ineffective techniques to help their kids overcome and eradicate Internet or gaming addiction. Some send their kids to psychotherapy or “tech rehab,” hoping for the magical bullet that delivers the cure. 

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple

True Digital Detox is a radical solution to fix Internet and gaming addiction. “Radical” comes from the Latin term radix, which means “root” or “pertaining to the roots.” 

Indeed, that is exactly what our 5-part system delivers – a solution that attacks the roots of the addiction. 

Cathedral Pillars

Our revolutionary approach is based on a tried-and-true process that focuses on 5 aspects for recovery:

  1. Values and Mindset
  2. Personality and Strengths
  3. Socialization and Communication
  4. Planning and Action
  5. Life Skills
Many programs today are ineffective because they neglect to address multiple problematic areas on a structural basis; instead, they focus on what they perceive as character flaws (“lack of willpower,” “lack of motivation,” “negative thinking patterns,” etc.). 

Our philosophy

Internet and video gaming addiction are not "mental illnesses." They are coping mechanisms to what individuals perceive as insurmountable problems in their lives. Our approach is based on pragmatic problem-solving.

Crystal Ball Held

Our Methods

We deliver effective results by combining assigned readings and homework with 1-on-1 and 1-on-family consultations by phone for your convenience.

The Founder

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Sylar Wang

My experience working with teens and their parents as the former owner of a tutoring center has demonstrated how reliant they are upon digital devices every day. Stunted communication skills, low self-esteem, and a lack of meaningful relationships puts younger people at serious risk of Internet and gaming addiction.

My personal history as a former gaming addict allows me to pinpoint and offer solutions for those undergoing the same experiences. This intimate knowledge combined with my deep understanding forms the basis of our program that greatly benefits parents (such as you).

What others say about True Digital Detox

My wife and I were concerned about our son's obsession with Fortnite. He is really reserved and was never able to make friends easily in real life. Thanks to the recommendations and teachings of True Digital Detox, my son is much happier with his new outdoor hobbies - rafting and cycling. In fewer than 6 months, he has learned to moderate his gaming habits down to 1 hour per day without us having to remind or nag him constantly.
Isaac Norton
My friend told me to go see a therapist after I mentioned my 17-year-old daughter spends more than 7 hours on Instagram every day. At the time, I scoffed at the notion that anybody could be "addicted" to social media. I looked for an alternative solution and ended up working with True Digital Detox. After three sessions over a period of 2 months, they've redirected my daughter's energy into a part-time business. I am truly grateful for their help!
Jennifer Colvin

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