How Our Program Works

True Digital Detox provides educational and coaching services to fix the root causes of Internet (social media, online shopping, web surfing, pornography, etc.) or video gaming addiction

Our pragmatic approach is “non-medical;” this means we do not diagnose anyone with “mental health” problems nor do we offer psychotherapy. 

To get started, please do the following:

  1. [Optional] Take our Video Game Addiction Test.
  2. Set up a free 15 minute consultation with us or contact us directly. 
  3. This consultation will acquaint you with our solutions and pinpoint specific areas we can help your daughter or son.
  4. If you wish to move forward and pay for sessions, we will send eSign documents as well as online bills (to your email).
  5. Once you’ve paid the bill and signed the papers, we will schedule each session one to three weeks apart from each other. 
Our flexibility is your convenience. We will accommodate your scheduling needs as long as they take place during a reasonable time of day (i.e. not midnight) and do not conflict with another customer’s already chosen time. Do note that our program is a hybrid (mix) of a “course” with readings & assignments in addition to our 1-on-1 (and 1-on-family) talks.