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Internet and gaming addiction hinders adolescents and young adults from growing and experiencing a fulfilling life. Our program places them on the right track to a brighter future.

Our Services

True Digital Detox helps adolescents and young adults recover from Internet and gaming addiction by providing 1-on-1 and 1-on-family consulting sessions. We pave the foundation by imparting life skills, coping abilities, and community-oriented values necessary to thrive in our increasingly complex and fast-paced world. 

To complement our consulting services, we assign all participants a course with readings and homework; these will be completed on the participant’s own time. During our regularly scheduled sessions, the consultant will answer the participant’s questions while making note of progress updates.

Here are our 5 main focus points:


Positive Values

For someone to change on the outside, they must first change on the inside. Positive values that we teach tie in perfectly with ethics, truth, and power.


Leveraging Strengths

Each individual has unique strengths and weaknesses. We help all participants realize their strong points and gradually improve upon their weaknesses.



A focus on community, family, and/or social activities serves as the best defensive mechanism against self-absorbed tendencies of Internet and gaming addicts.


Action Plans

The journey of a lifetime starts with one step. We help participants craft agendas to steadily reduce their reliance upon digital content and media to cope with difficulty. Miniature habits snowball into subconscious routines.

Life Skills

Life Skills

Adult life is very demanding, and people who are ill-prepared will suffer the consequences of ignorance. We explore topics such as personal finance, career & employment, relationships, etc. to conclude.

Additional Information

  • Each session lasts 60 minutes and will be conducted via phone.
  • The majority of each session will consist of a 1-on-1 talk with the individual experiencing Internet and gaming addiction. If the parents are willing, we will reserve 10 to 12 minutes before the end of each session to discuss the nature of the problem and solutions with the parents.
  • Refunds are provided on a pro-rated basis. If you signed up for 4 sessions but only used 3, we will charge you the difference (the cost of 4 sessions – the cost of 3 sessions).
  • Interested customers are entitled to a free consultation! Simply sign up for a free 15 minute phone call (click the link) through our Calendly profile! 



2 Sessions + Course
$ 799


3 Sessions + Course
$ 1049


4 Sessions + Course
$ 1249
  • After you complete a free 15 to 20 minute consultation with us, we will suggest the proper solution (Value, Standard, or Extended) based on your circumstances. You are, of course, free to choose the option that most suits you.
  • The primary difference is the pacing. If you feel the need for additional guidance, then the Standard or Extended will better meet your requirements. If your son or daughter is an independent learner, then the Value option is ideal.
  • As stated earlier, refunds are pro-rated based on the number of sessions used. If you signed up for the Standard but only used 2 sessions (Value), then your refund would be $1049 – $799 = $250.

Program Benefits

Time Management

Time is the most scarce resource. Get more done in less time to avoid massive frustration.

Social Bonds

Build stronger relationships with your native community - family, friends, and significant other.


Find your "higher purpose" in life and get motivated to replace destructive Internet use and gaming habits.

Quality Sleep

Excessive screen exposure reduces your body's natural ability to refresh itself. Overcoming addictive behavior remedies this problem and provides you with greater focus.

Improved Mental State

Successfully overcoming addictive Internet use and gaming improves daily mood and lowers the likelihood of anxiety, depression, and chronic stress.

If you have any questions or would like to get started, don’t hesitate to contact us!